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Strategies, Plans and Reports

Senior Leadership Team
Draft Council Plan 2019-2023
Statement of Accounts 2017/18
Medium Term Financial Plan (2018/19-2022/23)
Efficiency Plan 2016/17-2019/20
Growth Strategy 2019 - 2023 (Draft)
Growth Strategy 2019 - 2023 (Executive Summary)
Local Plan
Chesterfield Maps
Forward Plans
Town Centre Masterplan
Chesterfield Community Safety Partnership Plan 2018-19
Housing Services Annual Report 2018
Housing Revenue Account Budget Report 2019-2020
Housing Revenue Account Annexe 6 - Growth Items
Housing Revenue Account Annexe 2019-20 to 2023-24
Chesterfield Health and Wellbeing Partnership Plan 2016-2018
Chesterfield Locality Annual Report 2017/18
Derbyshire County Annual Report 2017-2018
Derbyshire Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2018
Workforce Strategy
Equality and Diversity Strategy 2017-2019

Useful Links and Documents

Cabinet Members Chart
Cabinet Report on ICT Improvements
State of the Borough Report 2018
Regeneration Projects
Destination Chesterfield
Your Chesterfield -  the council's residents' magazine
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YouTube Page
Chesterfield Borough Council Website